Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wanting To Hide

There are those moments in life where one feels blatantly inadequate. Regardless of how amazing everyone will quickly say you are, your poise is still in that of doubt. What is this is this cloak we choose to snuggle in? In the end, it's not a cloak at all, but a metal and awkward armor that hides the softness and strength of who we really are. Yes, protection is necessary, but not at the expense that it restricts movement. What good is armor if you can't walk or run in it--and preferably in the direction of forward.

This year, my unnecessary armor has come down. I feel quite naked at times. But a rush of belief and beauty quickly sweep in to surround and comfort me. The desire to hide many times is our call to truly be seen and pursued. Many times we can just as easily be afraid of the good as we are the bad.

It is now Autumn. And I am grateful that this year did not look like the last. I'm grateful that I have been able to break free of certain hindrances and remove another layer of masks. And I'm so incredibly curious to see how God will "complete" that which He has started in us.

Seek and you shall find...yes, even those hidden things.