Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paul Newman

There is just something about Paul Newman that I love and adore. He's a true G.
Classy, sophisticated, artistic, strong, intelligent, and sexy.

I can only hope that my husband has a little bit of Paul in him.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I am in awe right now. Seriously.

Secure and in awe and in love.

It's ridiculous and right. And sovereign.

And dang, I love you so much right now...simply for taking the time to read this.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Not a House, a Home.

So I'll be moving again...sometime in the next few months. I'm on the search for a home. Ideally it would have been nice to inherit a cottage from my Boo Prince Carl of Sweden but we're not on speaking terms at the moment.

So we'll see how this all plays out. He truly is my provider and I am grateful. And who knows, maybe there's a surprise in the mix that I haven't yet foreseen...that could possibly change everything.


Mostly Because of the Foot Massages

And that is only one of the reasons that get me excited about being married.

How Does One Become a Sultan?

I have become enlightened today. I've been watching "Forbes Top 20 Young Royals" on E! Network. Looking at the lives of this unique breed under the age of 30.

And how does one become BFFs with Prince Carl of Sweden. I could be in love.

From Dubai to Sweden to other places I've never even heard of. But you best believe that they are doing it big...

Spending $40,000 on a birthday dress....oh yes she did.

Having a birthday party bash and giving all your attendees s.w.a.g. ("stuff we all get" aka free gifts) that consisted of a trip to Kenya and a Dental Make Over. What!

Getting an island worth $9,000,000 for your birthday. That's right suckaz.

And it goes on and on...

Yeah, I think I want to be a princess. Word up.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

But Can You Speak French

I'm laying in bed half watching some random movie with Steven Seagal, which by the way, features some amazing 1980s score blazing with a saxophone and some sort of synthesizer. This is almost as good as eating cheese.

But mostly I'm up contemplating. Isn't that what we all do? And my stream of consciousness is just that...a stream of random but impactful questions and statements that are worthy of a visit or two.

I hope I have good dreams tonight. Last night and this morning I had weird dreams. I felt that I needed to be rescued from them.

And I also hope I remember all the things I need to do in the next few days. For some reason, I don't believe in a planner--which almost seems like complete lunacy because of all the things I end up doing. But I guess it feels more like an adventure that way. And I'm always up for an adventure.